The AUPresses Professional Development Committee organizes an occasional series of online learning opportunities.

Upcoming Webinars

AUPresses Webinar on What’s New in Metadata
February 26, 2020
1:00-2:00 PM ET

As retailers move to ONIX 3.0 and require custom feeds, publishers are left to adapt. Independent booksellers are looking to metadata to curate more diverse shelves, prompting publishers to hone their data. Metadata best practices and standards are in flux as the technology adapts and publishers have adapted differently to these changes. In this webinar, publishers from a variety of presses will discuss the ways in which metadata is collected internally and the workflow by which it is distributed. We will explore different success stories and struggles in an effort to optimize data output in a changing landscape. We will cover new and developing best practices to promote titles both new and old. This webinar has been organized by the AUPresses Professional Development Committee.

Bob Oeste, Senior Software Engineer, Johns Hopkins University Press
Meagan Szekely, Digital Marketing and Database Manager, Naval Institute Press
Kathy Burgess​​​​​​​, Data Services and Course Adoptions Manager, University Press of Mississippi

Kathryn Marguy, Publicity Manager, Johns Hopkins University Press

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If you're unable to log in at the scheduled time, a link to the recording will be sent to all registrants a day or so after the webinar. The recording will be made publicly available in March 2020.

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Past Webinars

AUPresses Webinar on Academic Conferences
Moderator: Greg Britton, Editorial Director, John Hopkins University Press
Dawn Durante, Senior Acquisitions Editor, University of Illinois Press; Emily Powers, Marketing Manager, Beacon Press; Stephanie Adams, Marketing Manager, Stanford University Press
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How to Drive Sales on Your Website
Sponsored by Supadu
Speaker: Sarah Arbuthnot, Supadu
Webinar recording link above. Download the slide deck.

A Conversation About Quality in Peer Review
Moderator: Beth Bouloukos, Director of the Amherst College Press and Lever Press, and Chair of the AUPresses Acquisitions Editorial Committee.
Panelists: Cheryl Ball, Director of the Digital Publishing Collaborative, Wayne State University Library System; Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English, Michigan State University; Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director, MIT Press; Ken Wissoker, Editorial Director, Duke University Press

AUPresses Webinar: Inclusive Access: What Every US Academic Publisher Needs to Know
Moderator: Peter Berkery, Executive Director, AUPresses
Speaker: John Challice, VP and Publisher for Higher Education, Oxford University Press

AUPresses Webinar: Publishing Platforms: Fulcrum and Manifold
Sponsored by the University of Michigan Press and the University of Minnesota Press
Panelists: Jeremy Morse, Publishing Technology Group Director, University of Michigan Press; Terence Smyre, Manifold Digital Projects Editor, University of Minnesota Press
Moderator: Bonnie Russell, Wayne State University Press

AUPresses Webinar: Internships
Panelists: Cameron Ludwick, Publicity and Communications Manager, University of Texas Press; Katrina Noble, Art Director, University of Washington Press; Adelene Jane Sapal, Editorial Assistant, Johns Hopkins University Press
Moderator: Rafael Chaiken, Assistant Acquisitions Editor, SUNY Press

AUPresses Webinar: Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
Panelists: Niccole Leilanionapae'aina Coggins, University of Virginia Press; Paige Clunie, Harvard University Press; and Cathy Rimer-Surles, Duke University Press
Moderator: Christine Thorsteinsson, Harvard University Press

AUPresses Webinar: Modernizing IP: Navigating Fair Use, Piracy, Open Access, and the Backlist as a Contemporary Scholarly Publisher
Panelists: Shaquona Crews, Director of Contracts, Princeton University Press; Liz Hamilton, Intellectual Property Specialist, Northwestern University Press; and Puja Telikicherla, Digital Publishing and Rights Manager, Georgetown University Press
Moderator: Margie Guerra, Subsidiary Rights Coordinator & Publicist, NYU Press

AUPresses Webinar: Course Adoptions
Panelists: Kerry Cahill, Sales Director, Johns Hopkins University Press; Julie Thomson, Direct Marketing Manager, Duke University Press; Ami Reitmeier, Sales and Course Adoption Coordinator, University of Illinois Press
Moderator: Ciara O'Connor, Marketing Associate, New York University Press

AAUP Webinar: Creative Marketing
Moderator: Brian Roach, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Catholic University of America Press
Panelists: Kerry Cahill, Marketing Director, Johns Hopkins University Press; JD Wilson, Director of Marketing and Publicity, Northwestern University Press; Brice Hammack, Senior Promotions Manager, Rutgers University Press

AAUP Webinar: Grants & Subventions
Moderator: Dawn Durante, University of Illinois Press
Panelists: Tera Beermann, Assistant Director for Business, University of Nebraska Press; Tom Lay, Acquisitions Editor, Fordham University Press; Laurie Matheson, Director, University of Illinois Press

Monograph Costing Tool Webinar
Speakers: Nancy Maron, President, BlueSky to BluePrint; Kim Schmelzinger, Independent Consultant

AAUP Webinar: Inventory Management
Moderator: Robbie Dircks, Associate Director & CFO, University of North Carolina Press
Panelists: Tera Beermann, Assistant Director for Business & CFO, University of Nebraska Press; Karla Garrett, Deputy Director & Finance and Operations Manager, Baylor University Press; Mary Beth Jarrad, Marketing and Sales Director, New York University Press; Leila Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi

AAUP Webinar: Copyright and the University Press: An Expert Discussion
Moderator: Liz Hamilton, Intellectual Property Specialist, Northwestern University Press and Libraries
Participants: Lisa Macklin, Director of Scholarly Communications, Emory University; William Strong, Partner, Kotin, Crabtree, and Strong, LLP, Boston; Stephanie Vyce, Director of Intellectual Property, Harvard University Press

AAUP Webinar: Adventures in App-land: Why, Why Not, and How to Create an App
Moderator: Jill Shimabukuro, Design & Production Director, The University of Chicago Press
Participants: James Ayers, Senior Production Editor, University of New Mexico Press; Nancy Hoagland, EDP Manager for Books and Journals, Duke University Press; Ken Reed, Manager of Digital Production, Princeton University Press; Than Saffel, Art Director and Production Manager, West Virgina University Press

Sponsored Webinar: An Update on UK Collective Licensing for AAUP Members
Strategies to make the most of this important revenue stream with UK Royalties Direct

AAUP Webinar: The Future of XML
Moderator: Jill Shimabukuro, Design & Production Director, The University of Chicago Press
Participants: James Ayers, Senior Production Editor, University of New Mexico Press; Nancy Hoagland, EDP Manager for Books and Journals, Duke University Press; Ken Reed, Manager of Digital Production, Princeton University Press; Than Saffel, Art Director and Production Manager, West Virgina University Press

AAUP Webinar: Extending Our Brands: How University Presses Can Reach Beyond the Academy
Moderator: Martyn Beeny, Marketing Manager, University of Nebraska Press
Participants: Jonathan Hahn, 
Los Angeles Review of Books; Cathy Langer, Lead/University Press Buyer, The Tattered Cover; Clay Risen, The New York Times; Sarah Russo, Sarah Russo Public Relations

AAUP Webinar: Trade Regional Acquisitions: Building Communities and Lists
Moderator: Gianna F. Mosser, Acquisitions Editor, Northwestern University Press
Participants: Allyson Carter, Editor-in-Chief, University of Arizona Press; Robert Devens, Editor-in-Chief, University of Texas Press; Pamela McClanahan, Director, Minnesota Historical Society Press

AAUP Webinar: How to Use Sales Data in Acquisitions
Moderator: Gianna F. Mosser (Northwestern)
Presenters: John Byram(New Mexico); Dennis Lloyd (Florida, Wisconsin)

AAUP Webinar: Managing Metadata
Moderator: Robert Keane (LSU)
Presenters: Chris Cosner (Stanford); Bob Oeste (Johns Hopkins); Bonnie Russell (Wayne State)

AAUP Webinar: Social Media and the Modern Marketing Campaign
Presenters: Ivan Lett (Yale); Cameron Ludwick (Kentucky); Amanda Sharp (Georgia)

AAUP Webinar: Acquisitions & Digital Content
Presenters: Fred Appel (Princeton); Dana Dreibelbis (Rutgers); Gita Manaktala (MIT); Kevin Sullivan (FA Davis Publishing)

AAUP Webinar: Managing Staff Morale
Presenters: Richard Brown (Georgetown); MaryKatherine Callaway (Louisiana State); Sheila Levine (California)

AAUP Webinar: XML Workflow Case Study
Presenter: Karen Hill (Michigan)