Using #ReadUP

The #ReadUP tag is slowly becoming a catchphrase! Originally developed for an early UP Week social media campaign, we now use #ReadUP throughout the year to promote the value of the work you all do—and encourage our larger community to use it as well. As we gear up for the fall academic meetings and trade fairs that will coincide with and complement University Press Week, please consider instituting one or more or all of the following minimally intrusive marketing techniques to help promote thie value of university presses. It's clever and pithy—and perfect for social media!

At Academic Conferences and Book Shows

• Include #ReadUP in your program ad

• Include #ReadUP on your banner/backdrop

• If you sponsor a breakfast/dessert/break/reception, include #ReadUP on your signage

• On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets include #ReadUP in all your posts, updates, and announcements tied to meeting.

• Include #ReadUP on all your bookmarks, discount signs, etc. (You can also request #ReadUP and other UP Week-themed collateral from AUPresses when it is available.)

• If you give away tchotchkes or tote bags, include #ReadUP as a tagline

In General Marketing and Communications

fordham readUP• Include #ReadUP in your seasonal catalogs. See example to the right from the Fordham University Press Fall 2015 catalog, where they placed the tag on the inside back cover. (Click the image for a PDF of the full spread.)

• Include #ReadUP in your subject brochures and fliers

• Place #ReadUP in your email signature

• Include #ReadUP in your blog posts

• Include #ReadUP in your eblasts

On Social Media

• Use #ReadUP to tag publications related to trending topics

• Create #ReadUP challenges on regional or subject-area specialties.

• Tag new publication announcements with #ReadUP

• Tag news of prizes, newsworthy blog posts, and any UP-community-related news or reports with #ReadUP