Creating Videos

Once again, Ingram is soliciting video content from AUPresses members to edit together into a few celebratory UP Week montages for social media distribution. Below are guidelines for the content and the filming, and instructions for submitting clips to Ingram.

Videos submitted to Ingram should be focused on this year's theme of "Read. Think. Act." (and should not pitch a specific book), single-shot (not multiple shots/edits), and 1- to 2-minutes long. 

These prompts and quick video guidelines are useful tools for your own promotional video content, as well. You can make #ReadUP videos with staff, authors, or conference-goers for use on your own websites and social media, too!

Video-Prompt Questions

  • How do university presses change conversations?
  • How do university press publications point a way forward towards a better world?
  • How do university presses promote a diversity of voices and points of view?
  • How do you see university presses promoting engagement with ideas and culture?
  • Are university press titles a more trusted source of information? Why does that matter?

Video Guidelines (any smartphone)

Rotate the phone so that it is horizontal (landscape), rather than vertical (portrait).

Position the phone far enough away from the subject being recorded so that the subject fits at least from their head to the bottom of their chest with space above their head. Position the subject to the side of the screen to allow room for any text to go on the screen later.

Phone can be handheld if necessary, but keep the phone in one place. Try to avoid shaky camera.

Record in a room with a door and close the door during recording to eliminate outside noises.

Make sure the room has carpet and at least some furniture (desk, bookshelves, etc.) to help absorb the sound. A small office works best.

Silence cell phones while recording. They should not even be on vibrate. Either place them on Silent or Off. Desk fans may also need to be turned off if they are fairly loud.

Ingram asks that you submit one-shot videos rather than ones with multiple takes since these are more difficult to edit.  They will then select portions of the videos for inclusion in the final montages.

Ingram Contact

When you've finished filming, please send your video via Dropbox to Heather Hart at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by Friday, October 11, 2019.

For a sense of how Ingram will use the videos submitted by AUPresses members, see last year's videos:

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