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Request Materials

The Association has printed a limited quantity of the 2017 bookmark, as well as badge ribbons reading either #ReadUP or #LookItUP that can be sported at conferences and book fairs throughout the week (or the year!) These materials are available by request on a first-come-first-serve basis to member presses or organizations who are partnering with member presses to celebrate University Press Week 2017. You may also print the bookmarks to whatever quantity needed, as well as produce customizable posters for UP Week events using the files below.

Fill out this form to request materials.
A staff member will be in touch with any questions and to confirm availability.

2017 Logo

Download an array of UP Week 2017 logo files, in color, black and white and web- or print-ready.

The web colors used for University Press Week 2017 are:
Light blue = #d9f3f8
Darker blue = #0095c8

2017 Banners

Banners, sized for the UP Week website, Facebook, and Twitter, are available for use or adapting.

Download your selection.

2017 Poster

The University Press Week poster can be displayed as is, or customized with event details, local information, or selected testimonials.

Download 8.5 x 11 poster.

Download 17 x 22 poster.

2017 Bookmark

Bookmarks are excellent giveaways at conferences, book festivals, readings, and through bookstore and library partners. Include a bookmark in review copies, author copies, and gift copies. Be seen stylishly marking your place in an excellent (UP) book while preparing to disembark public transportation. There are dozens of uses! 

Download the file to print your own, or request materials above.