Bookstore and Festival Outreach

Bookstores are a key part of our communities—and the communities of readers. Outreach to independent and local bookstores can be an important part of celebrating University Press Week and #ReadUP. Below are some programs and ideas to help make these connections.

ABA Indies First Program

The American Booksellers Association is offering a special program for university presses, extending their Indies First program to University Press Week 2016 (November 14-19). Indies First is the campaign of authors, publishers, and readers celebrating independent bookstores and local communities—fitting for the UP Week 2016 theme of Community. To learn more about what is involved with joining the ABA Indies First campaign, download this flyer:

See information about the Indies First Small Business Saturday here:

And contact ABA's Joy Dallanegra-Sanger at joy AT or 914-406-7518 to participate, or with additional questions.

Collaborate at Local Book Fests

bbf promotionAt the recent Brooklyn Book Festival, five NY and NJ AAUP members developed a promotion together to foster a sense of this year's UP Week theme, community. To increase collaboration with independent bookstores and to encourage visits to all five exhibiting presses, Sara Johnson of NYU showcasing 34 independent bookstores across Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, that also featured the #ReadUP campaign and the participating presses. 

The entry form for the raffle had boxes for each press to place a sticker in, and space for participants to share contact information as well as their favorite indie bookstore. (An example, from Kate at Fordham, recommended Bookculture.) Bookculture donated $25 gift cards and, along with a book from each press, these became the final prizes. NYU chose 5 winners from people who collected stickers from all 5 booths and filled out the form in its entirety. The presses handed out 100 maps and forms, and received 25 complete entries. The map continues as a future resource and social media asset. 


Other Book Festivals are going on near the time of University Press Week 2016: the Miami Book Fair, the Texas Book Festival, the Jewish Book Festival, Wordstock in Portland, the Kentucky Book Fair. These may be great opportunities to celebrate your community, partner with fellow AAUP members, and feature the #ReadUP campaign.

Local Bookstore Outreach

In 2015, Fordham University Press joined with neighbors Columbia University Press and NYU Press to reach out to local bookstores, telling the story of University Press Week and inviting participation through displays or social media.

Use their letter to bookstoresicon.word as a template for your own outreach! 

View the postericon.pdf they developed for indie bookstores that are displaying the presses' books during UP Week.