Announcing Preliminary Plans for UP Week 2015

May 13, 2015

We are excited to get a jump this year on University Press Week by announcing the dates early, so presses can work further ahead in planning for events and activities to make the most of the week. Please put UP Week 2015, November 8-14, on your calendars! Over the past three years we have been listening to your feedback and trying to incorporate the things that you have informed us would help with your involvement.

This year, we want to give you plenty of time and resources, and hope we can all work together to make this the best UP Week yet. A UP Week Collaboration Lab on the schedule for the Denver annual meeting is geared towards leveraging the tools and energy of this annual campaign for new collaborative advocacy initiatives. We hope you can join us at the Collaboration Lab scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 1:45-3pm. (Select a Collaboration Lab to attend when registering for the annual meeting.)

For 2015 we are excited to announce a UP Week hashtag bright and early, and looking forward to using it during and even before UP Week. Our hashtag is #ReadUP (pronounced "Read Up" to incorporate all our member presses). We hope you will help us gain traction and utilize it this summer and fall to help promote what you do. Please see this information page for how you might use the hashtag to inspire creative thinking about ways our community can engage online. The #upshelfie campaign was a rousing success last year and we can't wait to repeat it again this year! Thank you to everyone who participated in making that campaign so fun!

The #ReadUP campaign will fit nicely (although not exclusively) with the focus theme of our 2015 online gallery. Each year, the UP Week website hosts a slideshow of members' projects and publications that highlight a particular feature of AAUP publishing (see the 2014 "Collaboration" show).This year we'll showcase what is "Surprising!" about AAUP members to our audiences, including booksellers, librarians, journalists, and scholars. For example, many people were surprised at the culinary excellence demonstrated by our many James Beard award winners. Some people are surprised that "UPs" in AAUP are not necessarily university presses! And while it may be old hat to us, some may find the technological innovation spearheaded by our community to be quite surprising and enlightening.

The call for your press's gallery entry will come later, but in the meantime, please tell us what you find surprising about AAUP! It will help us think in new directions as we plan events, tools, and talking points for the campaign. Tell us here:

In addition to the social media campaign and gallery, the Task Force is hard at work gathering ideas for more materials that presses can use, and planning for online events. Last year's Google Hangout session with Peter Dougherty, Ron Chrisman, Barbara Kline Pope, and moderated by Jennifer Howard from the Chronicle of Higher Ed has been viewed 362 times on YouTube and an additional 77 people logged in live. We are hoping to put together two or three online discussions this year. In addition to a "big ideas" panel, we're brainstorming focused topics that will reach new audiences.

Last year's infographic was late in coming together but was beautifully designed and very well received. It was helpful in getting the word out about AAUP members and how they fit more broadly into the media and publishing landscape. We would like to put another infographic together this year (or two or three smaller, less-elaborate graphics) and hope you will help us by once again tracking your media hits and sending us the data. We will put out a call for that information soon.

If you have ideas for smaller, targeted infographics, or thoughts about topics and speakers you'd like to see in an online panel, please let us know. For now, we're encouraging you to start thinking about your own UP Week events, to start using the #ReadUP hashtag, sign up for the Collaboration Lab if you'll be in Denver, and to let us know the most surprising thing you've ever learned about the AAUP community.

Your input, feedback, and involvement is vital to the success of University Press Week. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Roux
Chair, University Press Week
Marketing Manager, University of Illinois Press
mroux AT