2015 Blog Tour

Each year, a tour is conducted throughout University Press Week to introduce readers to some of the most interesting publishers' blogs out there. 

Here's how it works: A theme is selected for each weekday; presses sign up to post on the theme of their choice; each day, blog posts on the chosen theme go up in the morning; and each blog points readers on to the other posts on that topic. Follow a topic of interest, and you may find more than a day's worth of good reading as you see what the blogs have to offer!

Tour Schedule

Monday, November 9: Surprising!

University Press of Florida: Take a Food Tour of Florida

University Press of New England: The Inside Story about how WINNING MARRIAGE Won Big

University Press of Mississippi: Surprise! You're now the book editor at a major newspaper

University Press of Kentucky: Guess the Press with our #ReadUP Quiz

University of Nebraska Press: Surprising Facts About UNP

University of California Press: Insights into Who We Are and What We Do

University of Wisconsin Press: Surprising? Mysterious!

Tuesday, November 10: The Future of Scholarly Publishing

Indiana University Press: The Heart of Our Future

Oxford University Press: The Future of Scholarly Publishing

George Mason University Press: Global Survey of Scholarly Communication Tools

University Press of Colorado: UPC Turns 50, History and Future

University Press of Kansas: Future of Scholarly Publishing

University of North Carolina Press: The Case for Financial Support of Your University Press

West Virginia University Press: We Are What We Acquire

Johns Hopkins University Press: Back in Time

University of Georgia Press: Collaboration at Heart of UP Publishing's Future

Wednesday, November 11: Design in UP and Scholarly Publishing

Northwestern University Press: Interview with Art Director Marianne Jankowski

Princeton University Press: PUP Launches New Design Tumblr
Go to: PUP Design Tumblr

MIT Press: Design Through the Decades at the MIT Press

University Press of Kansas: Jacket Required

Georgetown University Press: Designing Strong Textbooks

Syracuse University Press: Interview with Designer Lynn Wilcox

Stanford University Press: Uncovering the Cover Design

Harvard University Press: Strongmen, Statistics, and Design

Athabasca University Press: A Book Designer's Toolbox: Free Fonts

Yale University Press: Our Designers Talk Book Covers

Thursday, November 12: #TBT (Throwback Thursday)

Project MUSE: One Link for Each of MUSE's 20 Years

University of Minnesota Press: Publishers and Their Founding Dates

University of Chicago Press: 1991 University Press Week

University of Manitoba Press: 40 Years of Publishing on the Prairies

University of Washington Press: Exploring 100 Years of UWP History

Duke University Press: #TBT Surprising Journal Covers

University of Texas Press: Mark Cohen's Throwback Street Photography

University of Michigan Press: 102 Years of Michigan Trees

University Press of Kansas: On This Day in 1999

Minnesota Historical Society Press: Downtown Minneapolis in the 1970s

University of California Press: The Surprising Tale of the Autobiography of Mark Twain

University of Toronto Press Journals: Transforming Something Old Into Something New

Fordham University Press: What Might Have Been...A Trip Through NYC's Unbuilt Subway System

Manchester University Press: Peter Barry Reflects on 20 Years of Beginning Theory

Friday, November 13: #PublishUP: Presses in Conversation with Authors

Temple University Press: Q&A with Unsettled Author Eric Tang

Columbia University Press: The Russian Library: An Interview with Christine Dunbar

University of Virginia Press: A Talk with the Poets

Beacon Press: In Conversation with Jeanne Theoharis

University of Illinois Press: Q&A with Feminist Media Studies Series Editor Carol Stabile

Southern Illinois University Press: An Interview with Guy Hasegawa

University Press of Kansas: In Conversation with Lisa Silvestri, Author of “Friended at the Front”

Oregon State University Press: In Conversation with Larry Landis

Liverpool University Press: Jon Hogg Talks Using Primary Sources

University of Toronto Press Journals: Q&A with Two IJFAB Authors on "Just Food"

Manchester University Press: Oonagh McDonald Reflects on Ben Bernanke and Wall Street Executives