My work as a journalist has been richly and continuously informed
by the world of ideas offered by university presses over the years.
I can't imagine the life of the mind in America today without them.
—Bill Moyers

Celebrate with Us!

Save the Date for University Press Week 2016:
November 14-19, 2016

#ReadUP and #UPShelfie

The AAUP community uses the #ReadUP hashtag to highlight on social media the best of what UPs are publishing all year long. It beautifully captures what we celebrate when celebrate University Press Week: the scholarship, writing, and deep knowledge that is shared with the world through our books and publications. 

During UP Week, post a #UPshelfie (a photo of your university press and AAUP member books) to Twitter with the tags #UPshelfie and #ReadUP for a chance to win one of five Surprise! University Press Week book bags! We've collected an exciting, but mysterious, group of surprising books and items from our members to share with 5 lucky UP-readers. (Don't forget both tags—that's how we'll know you want to be included in the drawing!)

University Presses are Surprising!

In 2015, we're celebrating some of the most surprising aspects of university presses and the AAUP community.

• View our online gallery of surprising publications and projects from AAUP members.

• You may find it surprising that not every "university press" is affiliated with a university—museums, scholarly societies, think tanks, research centers, and independent mission-driven publishers such as MoMA, the Minnesota Historical Society Press, Brookings Institution, and Beacon Press, share the AAUP commitment to high-quality scholarship and service to our culture and our world.

Infographics help visualize the surprising facts about university presses and AAUP members!


Join us for two online panels during University Press Week:

Opening Access: The Reinvention of the Academic Press
A wide-ranging discussion of the future of the academic book, in tandem with Academic Book Week
November 10, 3PM Eastern

It's Not Scary: The Art of Getting Published with a Scholarly Press
Get insight into the life of your future book, from proposal to publicity
Friday, November 13, 12PM Eastern

UP Week Roundup      

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