Pre-Meeting Workshops

Thursday, June 18, 2016

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
8:30–11:30 AM
Organizers: Tom Helleberg, Chief Financial Officer, University of Washington Press; Robbie Dircks, Associate Director and CFO, University of North Carolina Press

This three-hour program gives managers the tools to understand and evaluate press finances through three conventional financial statements: The Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Title P & L. Learn more >


Accessibility is Accessible
1:00–4:00 PM
Organizers: AAUP Design & Production Committee (Chair: Nicole Hilton, XML Workflow Supervisor, P-Shift, University of Toronto Press)
Moderator: Bill Kasdorf, VP and Principal Consultant, Apex Content and Media Solutions
Speakers: Jamie Axelrod, Director of Disability Resources, Northern Arizona University and President-Elect of the Association on Higher Education and Disability; Sue-Ann Ma, DIAGRAM Center, Benetech; Jon McGlone, Front End Developer and UI Designer, Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan; Madeleine Rothberg, WGBH National Center for Accessible Media

It's easier than ever now to make your books better for everybody by making them accessible. Learn more >


Publicity Rules!
1:00–4:30 PM
Organizers: AAUP Marketing Committee (Chair: Martyn Beeny, Marketing and Sales Manager, University of Nebraska Press)

Publicity is no longer simply about getting reviews and media attention for books and authors. Learn more >