Mentorship Program

AAUP's Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce the Second Annual Mentorship Program to take place at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The committee invites mentors and mentees to sign up for the program. Last year we matched approximately forty mentees with great mentors in various departments across presses of all different sizes and scopes. This year we hope to do even better!

The mentorship program facilitates communication throughout the conference by linking those new to the profession with mid- and senior-level colleagues. Mentors advise mentees on getting the most value from the conference, introduce mentees to colleagues, and discuss mentees’ career goals. Mentees are encouraged to talk with mentors about challenges and opportunities in today's publishing workplace.

The program requires very little time commitment. Mentors and mentees will be introduced via email prior to the meeting, and encouraged to meet up at the Newcomers’ Reception and other free times during the conference. Pairs determine the amount of interaction prior to, during, and after the meeting, but the goal is to offer support in a way that best suits the needs of the mentee, while giving the mentor complete choice how to best direct their efforts.

If you would like to participate in the mentorship program, please fill out the appropriate survey below to indicate your areas of professional interest or expertise, which the committee will use to match you. The last day to complete a survey will be May 13, 2016. Participation in last year’s program does not prohibit participation this year, either as a mentee or a mentor. Colleagues unable to attend the annual meeting who would like to be assigned a virtual mentor can write to Gianna Mosser, chair of the Professional Development Committee (g-barbera AT northwestern DOT edu), in hopes that a suitable connection can still be made.