Over 720 individuals attended AAUP 2016 held in Philadelphia. Thanks go to the 2016 AAUP Program Committee, workshop organizers, meeting sponsors, panelists, exhibiting companies, and individual attendees for making the meeting a success.

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Mark your calendars for AAUP 2017, to be held June 11-13 in Austin, Texas.

What Happened in Philadelphia?

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Catch up on the conversation with 

AAUP 2016 Program Committee

Rob Dilworth, Duke University Press, Chair
Neil Blair Christensen, University of California Press
Brady Dyer, University of Texas Press
Amanda Lanne-Camilli, SUNY Press
Dariel Mayer, Vanderbilt University Press
Mary Rose Muccie, Temple University Press
Darrin Pratt, University Press of Colorado
Jill Rodgers, Journals, MIT Press

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