Coloring Outside the Lines:
Brainstorming New (and Non-Traditional) Strategies and Tools for Marketing

Date: Thursday, June 18
Time: 12:30 – 4:30 PM (subject to slight change)
Location: Sheraton Denver Downtown

Organizer and Moderator: Amanda E. Sharp, Publicity and Sales Manager, University of Georgia Press
Moderators: Beth Svinarich, Marketing and Sales Manager, University Press of Colorado; Martyn Beeny, Marketing and Sales Manager, University of Nebraska Press; Bryan Shaffer, Sales & Marketing manager, Purdue University Press; Leslie Eager, Communications and Library Exhibit Coordinator, Duke University Press

This half-day interactive workshop will facilitate a "Big Ideas" conversation to get people thinking about what we can and should be doing in marketing as we try to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Marketing professionals will come together to brainstorm new and non-traditional ways of handling marketing. Participants will be broken up into groups to discuss topics such as advertising, direct mail, publicity, sales, social media, and branding/website redesign. Attendees should leave the workshop excited about new strategies, tools, and platforms.

Registration details: The registration fee is $150 for AAUP Members, $175 for non-member nonprofits, and $200 for non-members. Space is limited.