AAUP Press Directors Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2015
Time: 12:10 PM to the conclusion of the Rockies/Astros game (first pitch at 1:10 PM)
Location: Coors Field
Sponsored by Ingram

Organizers: Leila Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi and Mark Saunders, Director, University of Virginia Press

In conjunction with this year’s annual meeting, AAUP Board members have planned a special interactive brainstorming Directors’ Meeting focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing scholarly publishers with an eye toward finding common solutions to problems and most effectively capitalizing on new ways of connecting authors and readers.

As a way to stimulate discussion, foster networking, and make this event memorable, we have reserved a suite at Coors Field in Denver for an afternoon baseball game between the Rockies and the Houston Astros. The format of the session will be creatively linked to the baseball game, with groups of ten directors forming a “theme dream team.”

First pitch is scheduled for 1:10 PM and directors will convene an hour in advance to cover general business and for groups to formulate provocative questions/issues surrounding one of the six selected topics. During each of the six innings, one of the groups will facilitate a wider discussion of their topic. During 5 minute “pitcher warm-ups,” one group will throw out provocative challenges around their assigned theme and group thought and interaction will continue during the inning. The final innings of the game will be set aside for informal networking and discussion.

Help select topics you would like to discuss by participating in this event survey. Responses are requested by March 31.

Registration details: This event is generously sponsored by Ingram, so there is no extra cost to attend. Tickets are limited, and you must register to attend the meeting though the annual meeting registration process. Attendees must have the rank and function of director to attend. Only one representative per press (exceptions will be made for co-directors only). You must register no later than June 5.