Program Committee

Brian Halley, Massachusetts, Chair
Claire Lewis Evans, Alabama
Jane Hoehner, Wayne State
Rachael Levay, Washington
Jessica Pellien, Princeton
Nathan Putens, Nebraska
Janet Rossi, MIT

A Message from the AAUP 2013 Program Committee

Bridging Worlds, this year's theme, takes into account both the central role university presses play in the scholarly community as well as the need to connect our work to other community members. Current forces offer both abundance and scarcity, causing us all to re-evaluate how we move forward. We must consider what defines us as university presses and consider the most effective ways of articulating our work. With a stronger identity, we as a networked community can in turn connect to our fellow academic networks, from libraries to global markets, from the media to publishers off-campus, from university administrators to IT specialists. This meeting allows us to meet with each other, and can strengthen our ability to in turn reach out to others outside of the university press community more confident in our roles in the scholarly world.

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