boston seaport
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Welcome to Boston!

Somewhere along the line the City on a Hill became the Hub of the Universe, an ascension we're not inclined to let anyone forget. But beneath that swagger there's actually much to be proud of, especially lately, with the city's new green spaces, revitalized waterfront, adventurous dining, and thriving cultural scene.

Across the river in Cambridge, a new entrepreneurial spirit animates the East Coast's premier center for high tech and biotech, while Harvard and MIT continue to lead higher education into the future.

We're still a city of neighborhoods, though, and we've designed this guide to help you navigate our little nooks and all they have to offer. And we're also a city of opinions, so be sure to ask your Beacon, MIT, and Harvard Press colleagues about their favorite things in town.

Browse online or download the PDF guide.icon.pdf

Food and Drink

This guide was compiled by Paige Clunie (Harvard) and Kelley Travers (MIT); design of the PDF by Sheila Barrett (Harvard).