Past Annual Meetings

The AAUP Annual Meetings are the most important events on the Association's calendar. AAUP conducts much of its essential work at these meeting: including the Business Meeting, the inauguration of new officers, board members, and committee terms, and the awarding of the Constituency Award. The meetings are also vibrant and collegial gatherings where much is learned and shared; and partnerships, friendships, and mentoring relationships are cemented.

The Association maintains an archive of past annual meeting programs and other resources here. You can also find a store of shared conference knowledge, including notes and presentations, through the AAUPWiki.

AUPresses 2019: Detroit

AUPresses 2018: San Francisco

AAUP 2017: Austin
Check out the program, media, and selected session videos at the AAUP 2017 site.

AAUP 2016: Philadelphia
"Energize & Innovate"
Over 720 individuals attended AAUP 2016 held in Philadelphia. Visit the AAUP 2016 site. 

AAUP 2015: Denver
"Connect, Collaborate"
Collaboration Labs and the Solutions Showcase both debuted in Denver and were two popular programs that will only grow in years to come. Visit the AAUP 2015 site.

AAUP 2014: New Orleans
"Open to Debate"
An innovative interactive session crowdsourced the next stage of AAUP strategic planning, and the results will be seen over the coming years. Visit the AAUP 2014 site.

AAUP 2013: Boston
"Bridging Worlds"
More than 800 individuals joined us in Boston for AAUP 2013 and a celebration of 100 years of the Harvard University Press. Visit the AAUP 2013 site.

AAUP 2012: Chicago
"Igniting the Future"
One of our best attended meetings ever, AAUP 2012 was an invigorating professional development experience with a celbratory twist as we toasted our 75th anniversary. Visit the AAUP 2012 site.

AAUP 2011: Baltimore
"The Next Wave: Toward a Culture of Collaboration"
More than 700 scholarly communications professionals joined us in Baltimore in 2011! Visit the AAUP 2011 site.

AAUP 2010: Salt Lake City
"Toward a Sustainable Future"
A resounding success, the program designed for AAUP 2010 brought more than 530 attendees to the Mountain West. Visit the AAUP 2010 site.