Workshops and Special Meetings 

Not Your Father's Marketing: New Strategies for the Digital Age

Workshop attendees explored how university presses have (and should) adapt their current marketing strategies to keep up with the changing atmosphere and to better reach our readers—wherever they may be. Read more >

E-Book Publishing in a Nutshell
This workshop provided more than just an accessible overview of the e-publishing arena. Presenters outlined processes in action at their press, and speculated on possibilities for future evolution. From manuscript to customer access, the program addressed issues at all stages of the book's life-cycle, even tackling the thorny issues of digital business models. The workshop closed with a discussion of new publishing models — both commercial and nonprofit — where content acquisition takes into account the various distribution modes. Read more >

AAUP Financial Manager Meeting
Open only to business and finance managers at AAUP member presses. Read more >