Task Force on Gender, Equity, and Cultures of Respect


Task Force Roster

Christie Henry, Princeton, Chair (christie_henry AT press DOT princeton DOT edu)
Allyson Carter, Arizona
Lyndsey Claro, Princeton
Dawn Durante, Illinois
Gisela Fosado, Duke
Ana Jimenez-Moreno, Ohio State
Parneshia Jones, Northwestern
Levi Stahl, Chicago
Chistian Winting, Columbia

Board Liaison
Jennifer Crewe, Columbia

Central Office Liaisons
Peter Berkery, Brenna McLaughlin, Susan Patton


General Objectives:

  • Assess the full range of gender-related issues facing both the community and its individual members, including their authors, reviewers, vendors, etc., with a focus on those issues unique to university press publishing, and recommend policies, programs, and resources that increase gender-equity, confront hostility, and foster respect

Specific Charges to the Task Force on Gender, Equity, and Cultures of Respect:

  • Conduct an environmental scan to identify the problems presses face with regard to creating a culture of respect in all aspects of the publishing process and to understand current practices among member presses and across scholarly communications with respect to both sexual harassment and gender-equity
  • Identify activities unique to university press publishing within the remit of the Task Force (these include, but need not be limited to: author ethics and how to confront bad behaviour; conference attendance and staff in the field; gender balance among staff, authors, peer reviewers, blurbers, faculty committees, and in marketing materials)
  • Draft a model code of conduct or position paper that articulates the Association’s values with respect to gender-equity and creating environments of respect
  • Create a list of external resources members might consult to address gender-equity and sexual harassment issues which may fall outside the guidance issued by a member’s parent institution
  • Recommend programs and resources to nurture cultures of respect at individual member presses and within the university press community
  • Make such other related recommendations as the Task Force deems appropriate
  • Coordinate as necessary with the Task Force (Committee, as of October 2018) on Equity, Inclusion, and Justice to ensure consistency and minimize duplication of effort
  • In coordination with the Executive Director, consult with the Association’s general counsel as necessary in order to understand the legal implications of any proposed recommendations
  • Submit a final report by May 17, 2019 for consideration by the Association’s board of directors at its June meeting