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With reputations for seeking out creative, top-quality scholarship, as well as for high editorial and review standards, it is no surprise that AAUP member presses publish a large number of prize-winning books and journals. Scholarly societies, regional institutions, national and international bodies regularly recognize the publications of university presses for their contributions to the academy and to the wider society.

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Featuring a few recent awards of note for AAUP members' books and authors. Use the alphabet menu above to browse more prizes.


nbmadison2016 Bancroft Prize

Madison’s Hand: Revisiting the Constitutional Convention
Mary Sarah Bilder
Harvard University Press, 2015

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New digital technologies and traditional historical investigation suggest that James Madison did not finish his famous Notes until after the Convention. The Notes are the most important, and most misunderstood, account of the 1787 Constitutional Convention. This biography of the Notes follows Madison as he created and then repeatedly revised a remarkable manuscript of American history. Originally a diary kept in part for the absent Thomas Jefferson, the Notes highlighted his fascination with the political strategy of drafting. But when the Convention began to draft the details of the Constitution, the complicated process led Madison to abandon his Notes. Only after serving in Congress and drafting new constitutional amendments did Madison return to complete them. By the time the Notes were published a half-century later, the layers of revisions made the Notes appear--inaccurately--to be an objective record of the writing of the Constitution.


2016 Bancroft Prize

nbborderlawBorder Law: the First Seminole War and American Nationhood
Deborah A. Rosen
Harvard University Press, 2015

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The First Seminole War of 1816–1818 played a critical role in shaping how the United States demarcated its spatial and legal boundaries during the early years of the republic. Rooted in notions of American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, and racism, the legal framework that emerged from the war laid the groundwork for the Monroe Doctrine, the Dred Scott decision, and U.S. westward expansion over the course of the nineteenth century, as Deborah Rosen explains in Border Law.



2016 Bancroft Prize

nbsaltwaterThe Saltwater Frontier: Indians and the Contest for the American Coast
Andrew Lipman
Yale University Press, 2015

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Andrew Lipman’s eye-opening first book is the previously untold story of how the ocean became a “frontier” between colonists and Indians. When the English and Dutch empires both tried to claim the same patch of coast between the Hudson River and Cape Cod, the sea itself became the arena of contact and conflict. During the violent European invasions, the region’s Algonquian-speaking Natives were navigators, boatbuilders, fishermen, pirates, and merchants who became active players in the emergence of the Atlantic World. Drawing from a wide range of English, Dutch, and archeological sources, Lipman uncovers a new geography of Native America that incorporates seawater as well as soil. Looking past Europeans’ arbitrary land boundaries, he reveals unseen links between local episodes and global events on distant shores.


2016 Grammy Nomination—Best Album Notes

"Folksongs Of Another America: Field Recordings From The Upper Midwest, 1937-1946folksongs
Album Notes by James P. Leary
University of Wisconsin Press, 2015

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Since the 1970s, folklorist James P. Leary has worked steadily to bring the folk music of the Upper Midwest to a larger public. Folksongs of Another America presents 187 representative performances by more than 200 singers and musicians, carefully restored in digital form from deteriorating original formats. The accompanying book provides an introduction, full texts of all lyrics in the original languages and in English translation, extensive notes about each song and tune, biographical sketches and photographs of many of the performers, and details about Robertson, Lomax, and Stratman-Thomas and their fieldwork efforts as song collectors.


yucutan2015 James Beard Cookbook of the Year

Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition
David Sterling
University of Texas Press, 2014

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An internationally recognized authority on Yucatecan cuisine, chef David Sterling takes you on a gastronomic tour of the peninsula in this unique cookbook, Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition. Presenting the food in the places where it’s savored, Sterling begins in jungle towns where Mayas concoct age-old recipes with a few simple ingredients they grow themselves.



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