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The National Academies Press

The National Academies Press
National Academies Press (NAP) offers all of its titles—more than 4,000—online, fully searchable and readable, for free. A study of new ways to deliver content electronically, and of possible pricing models, was funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The final report of the study is available to the scholarly publishing community here: NAP Evaluation Study of E-Publishing Initiatives.

University Press of New England

Press POD/Library Open Access Collaboration
This is a project to test the production and business model of publishing new works in both POD and OA editions in collaboration with the Dartmouth College Library.

New York University Press

NYUP/NYU Libraries Open Access Project
NYU Press will provide a growing number of open access titles on a NYU Libraries platform.

University of North Carolina Press

Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement
Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement is a collaboration between UNC Press, the UNC-Chapel Hill University Library, the Center for Civil Rights of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, and the Southern Oral History Program at the UNC-Chapel Hill Center for the Study of the American South. It is focused on expanding publication opportunities in both print and digital formats, promoting scholarly collaboration, and developing new methods and business models for disseminating interdisciplinary content about the civil rights movement. By focusing on the "Long Civil Rights Movement," the project seeks to expand the understanding of the civil rights movement with a focus on broad chronological, demographic, geographic, and thematic conceptions.

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Oxford University Press

Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) is a vast and rapidly-expanding research library. Launched in 2003 with four subject modules, Oxford Scholarship Online is now available in 20 subject areas and has grown to be one of the leading academic research resources in the world. Oxford Scholarship Online offers full-text access to academic monographs from key disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, science, medicine, and law, providing quick and easy access to award-winning Oxford University Press scholarship.

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University of Pennsylvania Press

Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia
The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia is a civic project to generate, assemble, and disseminate new knowledge about the history, identity, interests, and impact of one of America's greatest cities. With lively and informed essays, original maps, and new research on topics of current interest, the Encyclopedia will create a legacy of understanding for generations to come. The press is working on the publication of a companion print volume.

Penn State University Press

Office of Digital and Scholarly Publishing
The Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing is a joint initiative of the Penn State Press and the Penn State University Libraries devoted to opening new avenues for publishing humanities scholarship. Major open-access projects include a monograph series, a journal archive based on the publication backfiles of Pennsylvania historical organizations, and a re-publication series, Metalmark Books.

Penn State Romance Studies
Penn State Romance Studies, a peer-reviewed monograph series, represents a bold experiment in scholarly publishing. Romance Studies offers the best and latest scholarly research in the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Romance languages simultaneously in print and online in OA mode. The series covers a wide range of topics across a lengthy period of time. It also spans a broad spectrum of genres, including monographs, reference resources, translations, and editions of critical works.

DPubS: Digital Publishing System
DPubS is an open-source software system designed to enable the organization, presentation, and delivery of scholarly journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and other common and evolving means of academic discourse. DPubS was conceived by Cornell University Library to aid colleges and universities in managing and disseminating the intellectual discoveries and writing of scholars and researchers.

University of Pittsburgh Press

University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Editions
The University of Pittsburgh Press and the University Library System (ULS) have formed a partnership to make books published by the Press available online. By digitizing these volumes and distributing them freely on the Internet, the University of Pittsburgh Press is enabling greater access to the material previously available only as print editions. The digital representations of the monographs are made possible through the efforts of the ULS Digital Research Library, responsible for digitizing the material and supporting their full-text searchability. The University of Pittsburgh is also the host of an on-demand printing Espresso Book Machine.

Prologue Editions
More than 500 scholarly titles, representing the full range of scholarly series and subject areas published by the Press, are part of the University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Editions collection, fully searchable and freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. These titles, under the Prologue Editions imprint, are also available for purchase in reasonably priced paperback editions through BiblioVault. Readers and researchers may read and search the full texts online, and those who wish to have a print copy may purchase it through retail outlets or directly from the Press using the shopping cart feature.

D-Scribe Digital Journals Program
Co-sponsored by the University Library System and the Press, the D-Scribe Digital Journals Program now includes five journals: The Cleft Palate Journal, new issues as well as access to issues published between 1964 and 1989; Ethnology: An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology; International Journal of Telerehabilitation; The Pennsylvania Digital Library, a statewide metadata repository for digital resources created by Pennsylvania libraries, museums, and cultural heritage institutions; and Revista Iberoamericana, publica artículos, reseñas y notas bibliográficas sobre literatura, teoría y crítica literaria latinoamericanas en españos y portugués.

Purdue University Press

Purdue e-scholar
Purdue e-scholar is the Purdue University Press's digital site which is part of the Purdue University Libraries' university-wide digital repository. The Press's site stores selected Press content, provides all of the content freely to the Purdue community, and several of the journals are available to global scholars under an OA model. Purdue e-scholar is also a test bed allowing Purdue faculty, the Purdue University Libraries, and the Purdue University Press to address current issues in scholarly access and distribution and information needs that will arise as new technologies impact current practices.

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The RAND Corporation

The RAND Corporation
The RAND Corporation (RAND) offers more than 20,000 titles freely online as searchable, readable, and downloadable PDFs and adds more just-published and archival titles every week.

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