AAUP-iPublishCentral Discount Program

In July 2009, AAUP and Impelsys were pleased to announce a cooperative program to provide AAUP members discounted access to iPublishCentral e-publishing services.

iPublishCentral is designed to enable publishers to market, distribute, and deliver their content online in a simple, self-serve, and cost-effective manner. The features of iPublishCentral include:

  • iPublish Portal: generating a fully functional end user portal automatically without manual intervention.
  • iPublishWidget: a viral marketing tool, allows publishers to use branded widgets across various web sites, social networks, and blogs.
  • iPublish View-insideā„¢: readers can browse through the title content before making a purchase decision.

AAUP Member Discount

The AAUP-iPublishCentral Discount Program includes the following:

  • AAUP members are eligible for discounts ranging from 15 to 61% off of iPublishCentral standard per-title monthly fees (contact Impelsys for current pricing schedule).
  • Impelsys will receive a 35% transaction share of all sales made through iPublishCentral.
  • The Association will receive 9% of fees and transaction shares collected by Impelsys through this cooperative program.

To sign-up for iPublishCentral e-publishing services: http://www.ipublishcentral.com/registration/form.

Visit the iPublishCentral Learning Center for introductions and guides to using these services.