AAUP-Tizra Discount Program

tizraCurrent Tizra pricing and features have changed over the past decade. While this program is no longer available to new AUPresses member clients, we encourage you to contact Tizra directly to learn more about how their platform has evolved to meet publishers' needs.

In September 2008, AAUP was pleased to announce a benefit for our member presses in partnership with the e-publishing service provider Tizra. AAUP members will receive an additional 20% discount on the monthly fees for standard tiers of service for Tizra Publisher, in addition to a standard 20% nonprofit discount.

The Tizra Publisher platform is a highly flexible, web-based application for distributing and selling electronic books and similar content. Publishers signing up for the service will get their own customized e-book websites, and retain complete control over the presentation, organization and sales terms of their content through an easy-to-use web control panel.

With a variety of plans to fit different needs, member presses of all sizes can choose the capabilities and price that makes sense for them. All that is required is an inventory of PDF content.

Register for a live demo or learn more about Tizra Publisher at their website. Browse below for a selection of FAQs and new features.

Tizra Publisher FAQs

What can I sell using Tizra Publisher?
You can sell, distribute and deliver access to any PDF content that you have the rights to sell.

What if I'm already selling PDFs? How will that work with your service?
We know that publishers want to get their content out in the most effective combination of platforms and channels, much like being stocked in many bookstores. We can be your sole digital channel, or one of your revenue-generating channels. Upon occasion, we integrate our system with selected vendors whose systems and service complement ours.

I want to sell individual chapters, or combinations of chapters from a variety of books. Do you require us to set up separate ISBNs to sell individual chapters?
No, we do not. You decide what information is uploaded with every PDF, and what the unique identifier is that gets reported out. If you upload an entire title, and sell individual chapters, the system reports sales and provides the unique identifier based on the parent document uploaded.

Can my customers download PDFs from Tizra Publisher?
Tizra lets publishers control whether PDF downloads are available. You can decide on a book-by-book, or even chapter-by-chapter, basis. And if you like, you can charge different prices for web viewing or downloading. A strategy that has worked for a number of customers is to make front matter downloadable, and allow only online viewing for the rest of the book.

Can I sell a combination of print and online?
Yes, you can. One option we're happy to set up for you is integration with your shopping cart that allows your end-users to carry out one transaction to buy a print copy with immediate online access

Can I link Tizra publisher to my current site?
Tizra Publisher is a stand-alone solution, and can link directly back to your website. Because you have the ability to completely brand the site, as your end-users link from your site to your Tizra-hosted website, it looks to them as though they're simply clicking on another part of your site.

New Features

Certified Service Partners
Digital Divide Data: digitization and content conversion services with a unique social mission
Embolden: sophisticated web development and design consultancy

More Flexible Sales Offers
Now you can quickly set up as many different purchase options as you want on any Document or Excerpt. For simplicity, the controls now work like they always have on Collections…just click the "Create Offer" button to see a full list of options. Navigate back to the parent Document or Excerpt via the Site Browser or breadcrumb trail across the top.

Easier Content Navigation
The Site Browser now offers quick Excerpt and Offer links right at the top level, so you can get an overview without needing to navigate into individual Documents. Plus, within Documents, you can get similar overviews without drilling down into Excerpts.

Powerful Batch Operations
When you want to apply purchase or access terms to large numbers of books, chapters, articles, etc., you can now copy this information across any group of Documents or Excerpts on the site, rather than needing to work one Document at a time. Plus copy options let you choose whether the new offers will replace or add to those already in existence.

More Informative Content Lists
Lists of Collections, Documents, Excerpts and Offers, are expanded so you can get a better look at titles, plus they now include links that will take you directly to the versions on Live and Staging and to parent items as appropriate.

More Control Over Document Downloads
Now you not only have the option to bundle downloadable PDF (and soon, other format) downloads with web access, you can also sell the downloads separately. For example, you could use web viewable content to draw low-cost traffic and generate revenue from download sales accessed from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices—including the iPhone.